Are your running shoes good for you?

Updated: Apr 1

I‘m a swimmer! But when I moved to Ireland swimming became hard because swimming pools and the sea were to far.

When I decided to give long walks and running a try, my husband said I needed “good, supportive” runners to prevent injury. Here are the ones he bought me (the pink ASICS).

I have to say, I didn’t know running could hurt this much, I could swim 5km no problem....

Turns out the “good, supportive” runners were part of the problem. Well, that and the lack of impact forces in my training (but that’s something that can be solved with training). And becoming a foot therapist made things really clear: the runners didn’t let me use the foot as it was designed to be used.

The question is, how can you avoid injury if the only body part that contacts the floor and absorbs ground forces is reduced in surface and compacted by even “good expensive” runners? It can’t.

And probably it will take a while for your feet to hurt. The rest of the body will compensate for the foot weakness and other things may start hurting instead: your back, your neck, your hip, your knees....

We have to be clever with our choices and make an informed decision on what to put in our feet and our children’s feet. Find below a list of my favorite minimal functional shoes.

Just an IMPORTANT note: not everyone can transition straight into a minimalist shoe. It takes time and effort. But there are very good transitional runners in the market. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice!

A good foundation won’t solve all of life’s problems! But it will give you better movement and health. And mobility is one of the best things in life.

List of barefoot / minimal functional footwear:

VivoBarefoot Shoes - For Kids and Adults

Tadeevo Minimalist Shoes - For Kids and Adults

Xero Shoes

Earth Runners - For Kids and Adults

Leguano Ireland - For Kids and Adults

Joe Nimble


Feelmax Footwear - For Kids

Be Lenka Barefoots - For Kids and Adults

Mukishoes - For Kids and Adults

DISCLAIMER: A lot of the links in the list contain affiliate links, which means that if you buy one of the products, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the practice and allows me to continue to maintain my treatment prices low. Thank you for the support!

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